Reflections on 2010


Four years ago, armed with only a turkey fryer and a few plastic buckets, we set out on a journey to launch a brewery in 2010. At the time, we knew very little about the brewing industry, so our timeline was meant to be far enough into the future to give us a chance to learn it, but not too far away as to make it easy on us.

With one day left in 2010, it is clear that we won’t quite make our goal. However, we are still aiming for an early 2011 launch and the pieces are slowly falling into place. One thing we underestimated when setting a timeline was how anal Jeff was. It has taken us the better part of 4 years to perfect 2 recipes. That is a lot of perfecting. Our Eye Patch Ale alone has gone through 20+ iterations, most of them with relatively minor changes, to get it just right. And we’re confident with our final recipes.

You may have noticed a slowdown in brewing operations lately. That is due in part with our confidence in final recipes, but also coincides with us ramping up other aspects of the business. Such as licensing. And banking. You know, the sexy stuff.

While we aren’t going to make our original 2010 launch goal, we are excited with how far we have come with year, and think the extra waiting is going to pay off. Thanks so much for taking this journey with us, whether you’ve attended on a Monday or simply read our blog from time to time. We really do appreciate it, and can’t wait for you to take the next step of our journey with us as well.

Stay tuned, exciting stuff is happening!

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