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Remnants of Joel


I mentioned yesterday that Monday’s brewing went smoothly because of the absence of Joel. That’s not ENTIRELY true.

Brewing 3/31/08See that picture? Those are random boards of wood. Those boards were supposed to be part of our temperature-controlled fermentation chamber, which would have been exceedingly useful when fermenting our Drafty Kilt. Unfortunately, our “operations” guy wasn’t able to complete the box in time. We didn’t think it would matter, but it did. Because while the conical fermenter technically fits inside the chamber as-is, it does NOT fit when you add an airlock. Or even a blow-off tube. So to sum up, this is why you never send a Joel to complete any task of any kind.

P.S. It’s not personal, Joel. It’s just… oh never mind, you probably aren’t reading this anyway…

P.P.S. If ever you clicked on a “Joel” link, today is the day to do it.

8 thoughts on “Remnants of Joel

  1. I am really starting to question the music preferences of the MNB gang. You’re really giving Travis some ammunition here.

  2. Airlock?

    Who uses those things? If I ferment a small batch in a carboy, I use aluminum foil over the mouth. If I ferment a 10-15 gallon batch, that goes into a food-grade plastic fermenter with a loose-sealing lid.

    No need for these silly airlocks. Even with your industrial-strength Georgia insects…

  3. Jonathan – I didn’t say it would fit “as is” I just said you didn’t need the new collar to “make it fit” – All you’d have to do is saw a few inches off the legs or just lay the whole thing in horizontally. Easy.

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