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Beer blog aggregators are great. It used to be there was only one good option: Really Simple Beer Syndication. The most comprehensive beer blog resource I’ve run across. Unfortunately, it’s not all that customizable, and it seems like any ol’ beer blog can make the cut. Now there’s a new option.

AllTop has a new “beer” category. BTW, AllTop is awesome for non-beer related topics as well. It’s user-friendly ? you can delete blogs with a single click ? and is organized by blog (instead of by most recent posts, like most aggregators). Last, AllTop added us as one of the top beer blogs. We’re at the bottom. Yup, keeeeep scrolling. Almost there.

Not cool.

7 thoughts on “RSS and beer

  1. That’s a pretty sweet find!

    By the way, “not all that customizable” is an understatement. I’m the only guy who can tweak or customize rsbs and I just don’t have the time to change the code that much with all the other beer/web things I have going on.

    It’s good to see beer bloggers get their names out there, because a lot of you guys are writing some really interesting stuff.

  2. Alltop doesn’t have RSS, which means I won’t check it.

    Sites without RSS in this day and age should just curl up and die.

  3. @Beerinator, I wasn’t trying to rag on RSBS. It’s pretty much the only tool I use ? understood about the customization.

    @Brewer A, try sending them an email ? they’re usually good about adding blogs if you give them a good reason (how do you think we got on there? surely not on merit!)

  4. Oh, I know. I wasn’t offended and I knew what you meant. I wish I had more time, but there seem to be quite a few people using it, so it is helpful for many.

    Maybe in the future after I clear a few things off of my plate, I will be able to rework some stuff.

  5. Nto to brag or anything, but my blog is on it, and I didn’t have to ask… So there! ;-) Pretty cool site, wonder how they picked who they feature… I’m flattered…

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