Samuel Smith drops out of my speed dial


My worldview has been shattered by the Brits. Brick Store pub in Decatur introduced me to Mr. Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout in college. It quickly became one of my favorite beers ? moving to #3 on my speed dial list in 2 short years. Little did I know…

I got nostalgic last night and cracked an Imperial Stout. Was it good? Yes. Did it taste better than our Fat Monk Porter? No. In fact, it was just as “stout” as our porter in my opinion. So I’m going to go ahead and move Fat Monk up to #3, which drops Samuel Smith to the #11 position (and that, my friends, is not an actual speed dial position).

I’m thinking our second pass at a stout is going to grind Samuel into the ground. And Jonathan said, “We shall rise victorious! Three cheers for beer!”

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