Saturday Morning recap: “OMG IT’S FREEZING” edition


We won’t be brewing tonight because we brewed this past Saturday. The 10:30am start time coupled with the icy roads scared many people away from brewing. But “many” people is not “this” people:


Russ was the only one who came out. We’re not bitter about it. We’re just disappointed. Regardless, we choked back our tears and brewed an updated version of the fresh hop IPA we brewed in the late fall. This was a lighter-bodied IPA compared to the Eye Patch Ale, and it turned out quite nice. We wanted to see if we could replicate it without using fresh hops, since these aren’t available year-round.

Brewing took a little longer than anticipated due to developments such as:

  • Having to thaw our hoses
  • Only being able to clean things with hot water, which had to be carried from inside
  • Jeff’s sprinkler pipes bursting mid-brew
  • Joel being an idiot

In summary, thanks to all who came on Saturday. Namely, Russ.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning recap: “OMG IT’S FREEZING” edition

  1. It was a good time guys, although it was entirely too cold to be brewing… Only the dedicated few come out for that kind of craziness. At least I brought beer with me right? I’ll catch you guys again on a warmer Monday next time.

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