Save Georgia’s m crobrewery!


I have gotten multiple emails today calling for action against an initiative being voted on in the Georgia Department of Revenue. In a nutshell, there is a chance that microbrewery tours in Georgia could become severely restricted in the amount of beer each person can sample. The cap would be 2 oz per beer, with a maximum of 16 oz.

As three guys interested in starting a microbrewery in Georgia in a few years, this would affect us in more than one way. Yes, brewery tours would most likely be a little farther down the list of things to do. But, as potential brewery owners, we’re also interested in keeping brewery regulations… how do I put this… not Communist.

So take a few minutes and give the GA Department of Revenue your mind. Send the following note to this address. Make sure to add YOUR name and address. You can find out more information here.

To: Commissioner Graham

Re: Notice Number AT-2007-1

The Georgia Department of Revenue has proposed a significant change in the states’ long standing policy on service limitations for brewery tours. The proposed new rule will adversely affect my decision as a customer of the breweries, to attend the tours. By doing so it will also put at risk the brewer’s investment in facilities designed to attract and accommodate tour attendees such as myself and will severely limit the marketing and sales of the brewery’s products. I oppose adoption of the proposed rule change and respectfully urge the department to withdraw proposed rule 3a.


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