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Send a sticker, build a bar

We are designating one of our bars at the Garage, our new Beltline brewery, to be a sticker haven for all family-appropriate stickers. It will be dubbed Señor Sticker. The problem is… we only have Monday Night stickers, and it’s kind of lame to cover a bar with your own brewery’s stickers. It’s like wearing your own band’s t-shirt to your concert.

If you would like your organization/side hustle/brewery represented when we open up, send us a sticker or four and we’ll make sure they get onto the bar before we open up in late September.

Interested? Send stickers to us here (or drop them off in person):

Señor Sticker
Monday Night Brewing
670 Trabert Ave NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

2 thoughts on “Send a sticker, build a bar

  1. Hey! I have a bunch of stickers, can I just drop them off at the new location? (It’s walkable and I can’t drive) I also have some that are geared towards a sort of art installation, is that something you may be into? I’d probably want to look at the space to figure out how to do it…

  2. Yes! Can you put them in an envelope and address them to Jonathan Baker at Monday Night Brewing? Hopefully they’ll make their way from the construction crew to us that way.

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