Spent grain beer bread, Monday Night style


Mmmm. There isn’t much better than warm bread, especially when someone else makes it. Matt and Kate took some of our spent grain home awhile ago and last night they offered up the fruits (or carbohydrates) of their labor: some delicious spent grain beer bread, made with grains from either our scotch ale or our stout (I forget).


There is also actual beer in the bread, though Monday Night beer didn’t make it into this batch, as we haven’t been bottling much recently. I’ve been instructed by Joel that I am not to share the recipe yet. He is “still tweaking it.” Yes, Joel is our resident baker. Even though Baker is MY last name. It’s ironic.

2 thoughts on “Spent grain beer bread, Monday Night style

  1. Congrats on a well fought Aleuminati SuperBowl showdown. It’s nice to know that the two top teams put up the biggest score of the week to finish off the Aleuminati SuperBowl. If not for my wide receivers putting in a poor performance it may have been a lot closer. Grats on your hard fought victory. Let me know which Colorado breweries you don’t get there in Georgia and I’ll pick out a nice 6-pack for ya. Nice job.

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