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Sponsorship Requests

Interested in having Monday Night be a part of your event? So are we! Unfortunately we have limited resources, so we can’t participate in all the events we would like to. And even if we would like to participate in your event, sometimes we can’t because of the way that alcohol is regulated. Beer must flow through the proper channels, taxes must be paid, and finally, pints must be consumed.

In general, we like to support events and causes that echo our purpose. This could mean:

  • Helping folks find jobs that they love
  • Giving the under-privileged the tools that they need to be successful
  • Equipping entrepreneurs in other parts of the world to make a difference in their communities

Based on the volume of requests we receive, here is some additional guidance:

  • We can only donate product to a non-profit with valid special event alcohol permits
  • We cannot donate product to a for-profit entity
  • We will probably say no to your golf tournament sponsorship request, mostly because we are awful at golf

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you when we can. Thanks!