Stop all that jibber-jabber


UPDATE: Screw it. Experiment over. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to explain it to Jeff. That’s my motto.

You may have noticed that all of the comments have disappeared. This is true. We’re experimenting with a new comment system, Disqus, that theoretically allows us more customization and control over the comments. Unfortunately we (I) haven’t quite figured out how to import the old comments into the new system.

During this experiment, which could last indefinitely if successful, I suggest you create an account with Disqus if you don’t have one already. Of course, if you’re a “technology have,” you already have an account. For which I give you a hardy congratulations.

If you’re not a “technology have,” don’t worry. Joel isn’t either. It only takes a couple seconds to create an account. Either way, let us know what you think of the new commenting system.

10 thoughts on “Stop all that jibber-jabber

  1. Jonathan, do you really expect me to set up an account? You realize you’re going to have to set one up for me, right?

  2. What are you expecting to get in “greater control?” Does that mean “stop Jeff from posting?”

  3. Andy, great question. Yes, part of the control was to stop Jeff “The Dullard” Heck from posting. The other part is that you can have the comments sort by most recent, highest rated, etc. Probably more relevant for a blog that averages more than 3 comments per post, no?

  4. Woah Woah, a couple hours ago I saw the video comment option with Disqus. I totally can’t dance anymore =(

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