Stout like lion, good like beer


Who knew the Sri Lankans could brew like this? Last night I was having a nice dinner with the family at F. Scott’s in Nashville. Two things of note. 1) The valet told me mine was the only car he’d parked playing Immortal Technique. Immortal Technique is kind of heavy underground hip-hop, to which I was most definitely “b mping.” 2) While F. Scott’s has nothing on tap, they DO have Lion Stout, which was recommended to me by our waiter.

I took a sip… delicious. Heavy and nutty with strong chocolate overtones. Less bitter than most stouts. And then I looked at the bottle. Sri Lanka?! You’re a long way from home, little buddy. And not just Sri Lankan, but 8.0% alcohol. It truly is a lion. In case you were wondering, the makers of Lion Stout can be found here. I was also doing a little searching and found a write-up on the beer by self-proclaimed Beer Hunter Michael Jackson (not that Michael Jackson). This guy is insane. And by insane I mean AWESOME. Is this really his job?

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