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Sunday Sales in Georgia will have to wait



According to a source at WSBTV, a bill that would allow Sunday liquor sales in Georgia is dead in the water… again. While Sunday Sales has been one of those bills that gets resurrected and then promptly killed every year (like a friendly, lovable zombie), 2011 brought new hope:

Previous efforts to allow Sunday alcohol sales in Georgia have stalled amid a veto threat from former Gov. Sonny Perdue. However, Gov. Nathan Deal has said he would not veto such a measure.

Support among voters has also been mixed, along geographic boundaries. 67% of Metro Atlanta residents are in favor of Sunday sales, while only 31% of South Georgians favor the bill. Georgia is only one of three states that currently doesn’t allow alcohol sales on Sunday from stores.

Georgia’s alcohol legislation has traditionally lagged behind most other states, and allowing Sunday Sales is often seen as a first step in progressing the state to a more alcohol-friendly culture. Perhaps in 2012.

Image source: KaisenVerdant

3 thoughts on “Sunday Sales in Georgia will have to wait

  1. As roughly one-half of a lawyer. I think this is ridiculous.

    The argument is always that alcohol related deaths will go up if you can get alcohol 7 days a week. That’s such a ridiculous argument.

    There is no reasonable explanation for this. It’s not like Sunday is more highly correlated to alcohol deaths than any other day. If they were serious about addressing the days that are most correlated to alcohol deaths, they’d ban sales Friday or Saturday.

    It’s so ridiculous at this point. Either ban it 7 days (and try to enforce that), come up with a reason why a ban on Sundays makes sense governmental, or let it go.

    (And I don’t even drink that much. I just think it’s dumb.)

  2. Try coming to PA where our liquor laws are out of this world. You have to go to a state owned store to buy liquor or wine, then travel to a beer distributor to get a case (no half cases), and then to a bar with a license to sell beer not at the bar for a six pack or single bottles. It’s crazy but hopefully it will be changing soon as our new Gov. thinks it is silly as well.

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