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Terrapin keeps it real with new beers


Terrapin, the newest of Georgia’s 3 breweries, has been a busy bee. Their most recent side project, the Terrapin Gamma Ray, is a honey wheat wine that is simply outstanding. If you haven’t had it yet, see if you can snag one before it’s gone. According to Steve at Terrapin,

Basically, its a German style wheat beer on Steroids. Gamma Ray clocks in at 11% abv and is brewed with 700lbs of Tupelo and Sourwood Honey from Savannah Bee Co. This might be the best beer that Spike has ever brewed.

I tend to agree. It was above all an interesting beer. The honey is definitely upfront but not overpowering. It’s essentially an imperial version of their Sun Ray Wheat.

But there’s more. Terrapin has also teamed up with Left Hand Brewing in Colorado (brewers of our second-favorite milk stout) to produce a new beer: Terra-Rye?Zd. This beer is a black lager brewed with rye. Oh yes? Draft Magazine has this to say about it:

The beer has the water softness of a traditional schwarzbier (black lager), but the rye imparts a distinct sharpness to the flavor and aroma that sets this apart from the German black lager. The dark grains lend a very light smokiness that settles in nicely on the back of the tongue. Hop bitterness is elevated slightly, and they contribute an earthy, floral hop flavor. This is a slightly heavy beer, but easy to enjoy.

And unfortunately I haven’t found Terra-Rye’Zd in stores anywhere yet. I’m told it’s there, but keeps getting sold out. If anyone has tried it, please let us know what you think. Kudos to Terrapin for thinking outside of the box and working to put Georgia beer on the map!

8 thoughts on “Terrapin keeps it real with new beers

  1. Second-favorite milk stout? That’s one of my favorite styles, and Left Hand’s is only second to my own milk stout in my mind… So I’m wondering who your favorite milk stout is?

  2. I am starting to get really irritated by the fact that I can’t find the beer everyone else is getting. I am going to look for this tomorrow. I hope I can find it. But I doubt it. Im sure it will be like the last 7 I tried to find.
    But thanks for the post anyways. Im sure it is good.

  3. Ahh, never had Duck Rabbit… It’s not available out here in CA.

    I just picked up a milk stout from Ska Brewing (also out in Colorado like Left Hand), but haven’t tried it yet…

    Have you guys ever tried making a milk stout?

  4. Well, congrats to Jeff. We’ve (well, my wife mainly, I’m just moral support) just found out that we’re expecting our second.

    So maybe I should start calling mine the “nursing bra stout” or something like that? Nah– too disgusting.

  5. So I just tried the Left Hand Milk Stout tonight and loved it! I have been searching the internet to find a distributor in Atlanta, any help for me?

  6. Andrea, I know you can find it at Green’s, Toco Giant and other big package stores (Smyrna World of Beverages too, I believe). You can also get it at Taco Mac, Brick Store and a slew of other bars. Good luck!

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