Terrapin Rye Ale


So here I am in Nashville… minding my own business… going to dinner at OMBI, a new frou-frou restaurant here in town. While they have a bar that extends the length of the establishment, they only have 2 beers on tap. One of them is a Yazoo Stout (apparently a Nashville micro which I’m ashamed to know nothing about). The other: Terrapin Rye Ale. How does an Athens, GA beer become one of TWO beers on tap at a reputable restaurant?

Regardless, the beer was delicious. Medium-bodied and amber in color, but extremely complex in flavor. Crisp, dry, not so bitter. I think it would be the beer choice of a slightly cynical angel. I wish Jeff had been there to lend me his divine pallet so he could back me up on that assessment. I’m a mere mortal when it comes to beer-tasting. But I DO have opinions, and Terrapin Rye is definitely worth trying.


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