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That’s why they call them business socks

Prior to the last couple weeks, I had been out for about 2 months with ulcers. Jeff and Joel kept everything headed in the right direction, but we were unable to progress much on the ‘turning this into a money-making endeavor’ front. Unless they held some secret meetings without me…

Last week we had our first business meeting of the summer. We’re accustomed to regrouping about once a month to taste our recent beers, make minor corrections, set our brewing schedule and plan for launch. It feels like we are making real progress on the beer front (more on that from Jeff this week). We’re making equally real progress (that sounds weird) on the business front. We’ve conducted the majority of our research and have started to reach out to people and even gather some quotes.

It’s a great feeling. We’ve been going strong for almost 2 years now. The groundwork has been laid. Hopefully we’ll get our feet wet in earnest in coming months. Wet with beer.


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