4 thoughts on “The Alabama legislature’s adventures in homebrewing

  1. These guys are totally right though, you know? I just love to pop a top off a carboy, stick my racking cane in, and drink from it like it was a straw. I mean, I go through gallons of beer watching a football game. These guys must have seen my home videos to figure out the evils of home brewing.

  2. you guys have power to change this in coming years!
    support from europe.

  3. HAHAHA.. Idiots. I wish there was some way to require people to be educated on an issue before they voted on relative legislation. “What is Mead?” If you don’t even know yourself, how do you know you want to outlaw it? Good luck Alabama!

  4. They need to spend more time passing education bills. And is it me, or does Holmes sound like he’s nipping at the Chivas while the House is in session?

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