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The Bachelor says “no” to brewing tonight


Joel has requested that we not brew any beer tonight so he can live-tweet the finale of The Bachelor. We tried to tell him that The Bachelor was a little girly. But he was very convincing. This event only comes once, and Tenley is clearly the right choice for Jake. CLEARLY.

So for those of you are have been forced into watching The Bachelor tonight (and the few of you who are watching it willingly), may I suggest the following:

A drinking game.

3 thoughts on “The Bachelor says “no” to brewing tonight

  1. sure, rules below:

    Take a swig of your beer upon the following occurences
    1.Whenever a bachelorette cries — fake tears = drink
    — real tears = finish your beer and pour another
    2. Whenever a bachelorette claims to be in love-drink, **if you actually believe this is possible, pour your beer out, vow never to drink again and go find a hobby
    3. Whenever a bachelorette says something that will be used as evidence to issue the restraining order against her
    4. Whenever someone claims that “I am not here to make friends” = drink
    5. When it is announced that the rose ceremony is THE.MOST.DRAMATIC.EVER = drink
    6. Whenever the bachelor is very confused about his choice = drink
    7. Whenever a bachelorette rolls her eyes
    8. Whenever a bachelorette is drunk
    9. Whenever the bachelor is drunk
    10. Whenever Mr. Obvious (Chris) announces that it is the last rose

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