The Brewgrass Festival: Beer + Bluegrass = Awesome


On Friday evening I headed up to Asheville, NC with Jeff, Hannah and baby Teddy for the much anticipated Brewgrass Festival. Despite rain for much of the weekend, the clouds spared us on Saturday. Which is fortunate because Jeff wasn’t wearing his lucky watermelon rain boots.

We got to the Brewgrass Festival around 1pm and the bluegrass was already blaring.


Granted, not all of the “bluegrass” music sounded like bluegrass. There was a definite jam band feel at certain points in the afternoon. Which some people probably loved. We did not.

We had a lot of great beers, too many to mention. But Jeff and I both loved the casked porter from Green Man the most. Nuanced and complex, this porter was on the money.


We also met the fine folks behind Bruisin Ales, who graciously plastered our bodies with stickers. And we finally got to taste the beers from LoneRider, who we interviewed awhile back. I must say, they make some fine ales.

Since we won’t be making it out to GABF this year, it was good to get the festival out of our system. Highly recommended.

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