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The Decatur Beer Fest did not disappoint


Jeff and I found ourselves in Decatur yesterday for the annual Decatur Beer Fest. What a great time. The weather was perfect, there were a ton of great beers, and we actually bumped into a bunch of people we knew.

Before we get into the beers, I would like to go on record as saying that I hate pretzel necklaces. It’s always difficult to recap a beer festival. You drink so many beers, pour out a bunch of the crappy ones (I do anyway) and always end up with less capacity for memory than when you started, if you catch my meaning. However, these were a few of my favorites:

  • Duck-Rabbit Imperial Russian Stout: tasted more like a barleywine than a stout, but quite delicious
  • Avery Kaiser: an imperial Oktoberfest. Normally I don’t like Oktoberfests, but this was one malty, high gravity bombshell of a beer.
  • Oskar Blues Ten Fidy: an imperial stout in a can? My oh my this beer was money.
  • Port Brewing: there were 2 excellent beers from Port, and I can’t for the life of me remember their names. One was a Belgian IPA, a collaboration between Tomme Arthur and, uh, someone else. The other was a funky, funky farmhouse ale. Delightful.
  • Post Road Pumpkin Ale: of the 2 pumpkin ales Jeff and I tried, this was hands-down the winner.
  • Flying Dog Horn Dog Barleywine: I’ve had a bunch of Flying Dog beers, but not the barleywine. It was great. Had it towards the end of the festival, don’t remember much else.

There were, of course, other highlights. The cool tasting glasses we got, for one:

Though for $35 the glasses better be cool. We also tried the Budweiser American Ale. Much has been said of this beer recently, and I think it deserves its own post. Look out for that later this week. And Jeff tried to convince me that the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is an acceptable beer. It tastes like cough syrup. To which Jeff replied, “I LOVE cough syrup.”

I think the 28 rating on RateBeer.com says it all.

9 thoughts on “The Decatur Beer Fest did not disappoint

  1. $35 isn’t really that much for a beer festival anymore. $40 for World Beer Festival, but we only got a cheap plastic glass. It is nice they gave you a decent glass, but honestly I am about to the point to get the price up to $50 to outprice them from the serious folk interested. A bit of food ought to be included at that price point but it would be worth it.

  2. I’m glad you went for the Duck Rabbit stout… back when I used to live in NC, we got into their beers, but in our immaturity gave it the boot to make room for some miller high life. ahhhh

  3. $35 is a great deal for a sweet glass like that. At our beer festival, I paid $35 for a plastic one, half that size. I just found your bog, and I am an instant fan.
    I am pulling for you guys. I wish you great success.
    With that in mind, you might want to read my post today. It might help you out.

  4. That Sam Addams cherry wheat stuff is really horrible. I tried a glass, thought it was OK on the first sip, and was sick of it by the third sip.

  5. Thank you for smacking the cherry beers. New Belgium has one, and it also tastes like cough syrup. Or urine from a cherry. Not that I would know what a cherry’s urine tastes like. I mean, I’m NOT some kind of freak. This is getting weird. That is all.

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