The definition of grassroots marketing


My brother posted this picture to Flickr this morning. Never mind the fact that our Drafty Kilt is a “Scotch Ale,” not a “Scotish Ale.” Bringing craft beer to the Nashville masses in sketchy, unlabeled bottles. Grassroots marketing at its finest. I think the Twitter handle is a nice touch.


3 thoughts on “The definition of grassroots marketing

  1. Many years ago I did a bit of consulting for Brewtopia in Australia and they where a bunch of IT guys who worked for Red Hat in Sydney who wanted to start a brewery and now they are still going and listed on the stock exchange in Australia .They started off with a viral marketing campaign before they even had a batch of beer brewed for them by a contract brewer .They where crowd sourcing before the term was even coined .

    I told them they needed to sell beer online and direct to customers because its near impossible to get your beer on tap in Aussie pubs unless your a macro brewery .And I also came up with the label your own bottles after working in a microbrewery where I was hand labeling bottles .


  2. Just a heads up for those still looking for a coveted Monday Night brew in Nashville, the shady box of beer is now sitting in Centre{source}’s fridge.

    And hey I’ll do some grassroots marketing for you anytime! Free beer is a good conversation starter. =)

  3. Ha! I did the same thing. Check out my site – I aimed to be the first to put Twitter handle on a bottle label – in last video post. This is where things are going, and you nailed it!

    After the video went viral, I had MANY people add me to their accounts – just proves that this stuff works.

    I’ll need to try that “Scotish” Ale

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