The Dogfish Head of the South


Whilst washing about 200 bottles last Saturday, Jeff, Joel and I participated in another segment of what has been an ongoing MNB discussion: what kind of brewery should we be?

We’re early enough in the brewery creation stages that we can still shift gears fairly easily. And this is something we will continue to wrestle with as we concoct our brewing schedules and formulate our recipes. While the marketing will (hopefully) communicate who we are, it all has to be backed up by the beer.

So, long story short, we stumbled upon this notion of being “the Dogfish Head of the South.” Dogfish Head is a Delaware-based microbrewery that we all admire. I don’t think their marketing is all that great, but they definitely make up for it in their beers. They have some killer “old faithfuls” such as their 60 minute IPA, but they also aren’t afraid to experiment, and many of their beers have a unique twist ? a hoppy apricot beer, a raisin-infused Belgian, an IPA/brown ale, etc.

We don’t think Dogfish Head is the most accessible of breweries (you can’t just name a beer “Raison D’Etre” and expect everyone to get it), and since part of our mission is to educate the Bud-drinkers of the world about good beer, we would like to bit more user-friendly. So… a slightly more accessible Dogfish Head.

We would appreciate any of your comments as we try to pull our thoughts together on who we should be. At this stage everyone has a lot of influence. Ultimately we want to be YOUR brewery, so let us know what you think.

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