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The GABF and why we are not attending


The Great American Beer Festival is the mecca of beer festivals in America. 400 brewers, 1800 beers, 3 days (and plenty of water). And it’s going on right now. If there was one place that someone looking to start a brewery should go, this would be the place. But we’re not in Denver, we’re in Atlanta. Why?

Because we’re losers. I wanted to go, but couldn’t swing the vacation day(s) right now. Jeff and Joel are equally swamped. And while this may be the right place to go, I’m not sure if the timing is right. This time next year we will be much farther along in terms of planning ? who knows, maybe we will have launched already! But no excuses, we’re losers.

In spite of this fact, we’ve been living vicariously through our beer blogging friends who are attending. You can follow along on Twitter, or just read a few of our favorite posts thus far:

Surviving the GABF: Great tips from DJ over at Fermentarium on how to get through the GABF alive. Free beer, after all, has the power to elevate AND the power to cripple.

Celebrating an Anniversary: Chipper Dave from Fermentedly Challenged (who I will undoubtedly crush in this week’s beer blogger fantasy football league matchup) recaps his day of volunteering at the GABF. 14 hours. Was it worth it?

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