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The Joys of Banking

Over the past 2 weeks it has been my pleasure to meet with many  banks with the express purpose of deciding where we should put our money. I am by trade a marketing guy, and my role with the brewery is Marketing Guy and Master of Mind Control. Not exactly the one you would peg as a lover of banking, especially when Jeff deals with numbers and ROI and spreadsheets on a daily basis.

However, I’ve really enjoyed it. I find myself enjoying all aspects of starting a business, even if they aren’t necessarily my strong suit. As we’ve been moving closer to launch, we’ve spent a lot of our energy putting the right team in place ? a lawyer, an accountant, a t-shirt vendor, and yes ? a banker.

While our immediate banking needs will be pretty basic, we like to think of this relationship as a long-term commitment. We are relational fellows (we did start out of a bible study, after all), and strive for strong relationships from everyone we interact with. That obviously includes our end consumers, but it also includes the guy with the coat and tie handling our money. Just take a look at our logo and you’ll see the appreciation we have for coats and ties.

So here’s to you, banker dudes. Thanks for doing the boring stuff so we can make beer.

3 thoughts on “The Joys of Banking

  1. It is crazy to think about what it takes to get beers into the glasses of the people. Awesome to see the recognition where credit is due.

  2. Guys,

    Some of the general public is not so happy with the banks and bankers right now, with the whole housing/credit crisis and bailout still fresh in their collective memory. I have seen the term “bankster”, i.e. banker/gangster, bandied about on the intertubes quite recently. Professing your love (or at least profound respect and admiration) for your ocal banker may not be the best marketing move right now–even if his or her skirts are clean as they like to say in the business.

  3. Thanks, Señor Brew. Regardless of what has happened in recent history, the reality is that bankers are still a necessity. No one in business can get away from the need for banking. And I must say I’ve enjoyed learning about banking more than I thought I would. End of story.

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