The Monday Night Brewers take the field!


Softball is what makes Atlanta great. True, there are other things, like people and buildings and weather and craft beer. But softball tops the list. Which is why we are proud to announce the sponsorship of a new expansion Atlanta softball team, the Monday Night Brewers.


Last night marked our inaugural game. An historic moment for a city steeped in the love of the game. It went about as good as an inaugural game ever goes. We lost the battle, but that doesn’t mean we have lost the war. A quote from slugger Alfred after the game:


And speaking of “fan bases,” the Monday Night Brewers are actively recruiting fans. Be a part of this rags to riches story. Oh, I should probably see if there is a schedule or something that I can post online. I’ll get back to you on that.


Come on folks, we can fill those stands, right?! Think how epic this photograph would have been with full stands.

Photos courtesy of Katie Melick

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