The most disgusting mustache in the world


Better late than never. Jeff, who was noticeably absent when I actually needed his mustache, grew a mustache for me now that my ulcers are pretty much healed. First, a brief update:

For those who didn’t know, I was pretty sick for a couple months this summer. Turns out it was ulcers. We started a campaign, Mustaches for Ulcers, which gained some press from the prestigious American Mustache Institute. Beer bloggers turned out in spades. Well, one or two of them turned out in spades. Soon all eight of my ulcers were sponsored and the real healing could begin. I’ve been doing much better and have actually been drinking beer again, though I’m still trying to take it easy until I get the “all clear” from the doctors.

And now, I present to you the ugliest mustache ever seen on man or woman (yes, that includes your mom):

Jeff grew this doozy of a mustache while hanging out in the wilds of Montana. A bear tried to mate with him.

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