The numbers don’t lie


Neither does Jeff. We hit our gravity last night on the nose ? and all Joel had to do was add a little ‘sumpin-sumpin’ to the wort!

Exhibit A. Joel looking like he could be on MTV’s G’s to Gents. Actually, it’s our new summertime cooling method. An immersion chiller to bring the temperature down from boiling to 90 degrees. Then we add ice around the bottom for the final 10-15 degrees. It works pretty well, and we haven’t gotten any of the bad batches that we got when we used our fancy counterflow chiller. Interesting…

Exhibit B. Me looking extra fly. Clove cigarettes, mustaches and dramatic lighting. Need I say more? This was my first full night of brewing since May, which means I got to stick around for the wind-down session on Jeff’s porch. While I couldn’t partake of any of the beer (ulcers), I was able to partake of a few cloves. Probably less healthy, all in all.

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