The things I miss about beer


I’m still not sure what is wrong with me… but for the time-being I’m feeling pretty lucid. Anesthesia makes for good sleep. I started reflecting on the fact that I haven’t had a beer in over 3 weeks. At this point I’ve been trying to make every bite/sip count, and sadly I can’t justify the brewski yet. But it is weird for me, and I’ve come to realize the things I like most about beer.

  1. The subtle complexities. I love the fact that beer is a living beverage. A good beer, in my opinion, tells a story. That story can be as simple as keeping you refreshed on a hot day, but I’m usually driven towards the beers with layers of flavors. Balance. Subtle little hints of fruit that you can draw out with certain yeasts and different fermentation temperatures. I love a beer that evolves in your mouth. (That’s what she said)
  2. The company. Sure, we don’t NEED beer to make friends. Or to hang out together. But gathering together to enjoy something beautiful and tasty is just so dern fun. Good beer is flexible enough to be the main attraction, but it also has no problem playing bit roles in friendly conversations.
  3. Jeff and Joel. These aren’t as universal, but mostly pertinent to my dealings with ‘beer.’ Not being able to brew for 3 weeks now has been muy turrible. Not quite as turrible as whatever malady I’ve managed to aquire, but nonetheless it’s given me a new realization of how awesome my business partners are. I trust them completely and even enjoy their company. Jeff came by Friday night to watch a movie with poor lil me (Killer Klowns from Outer Space) and it struck me that I missed hanging out. Making fun of Joel regularly is something that I pine for again. I think it was good for my soul.

Just some thoughts while I feel good enough to jump on the computer… Hope to be back at it soon.

One thought on “The things I miss about beer

  1. You know, like Joel, I’ve compared to William Shatner. However I look nothing like Joel. So presumably facets of Shatnet resemble Joel, while others resemble Stonch, without any crossover. So basically, what we take home from this is that Shatner is complex – he’s bigger than Joel, he’s bigger than Stonch. He’s a big guy, possibly the biggest ever to come out of Canada.

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