The Unibomber delivers a package


Our Syracusian Scoundrel Travis came through. I received in the mail today what appears to be a shoddily packaged bottle of beer. I’m guessing it’s his “IPA,” which is going head-to-head with our own IPA on blogs across the country. Nay, the WORLD! Look for a trouncing in the near future as we test his IPA ourselves. I wonder who will win that battle?

4 thoughts on “The Unibomber delivers a package

  1. Yea when your nicely primped and prepped package came I knew you guys had us on “appearance”. Don’t judge a book by it’s sketchy cover.

  2. One bottle? Only one bottle?

    I was disappointed with the MNB guys for *only* sending two, but at least they sent me some pint glasses and Terrapin beer…

    I was hoping to get at least 3-4 beers from each of you…

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