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THIS JUST IN! Great beer more affordable than great wine



I don’t know who these alleged experts are, but I hope they are right.

Boutique beers are the new cocktail as more money-conscious Americans choose cheaper high quality draft beers made by small local breweries over wine and spirits amid the country’s recession, experts say.

Craft beer die-hards have been cashing in on the reasonably priced complexity found in even expensive craft beers for years. Now it appears that a stumbling economy has others jumping on board. Despite the penny-pinching, people still want to treat themselves. And they are turning to beer.

“You can buy an exceptional beer for half the price of a mediocre glass of wine,” said New York beer maker Kelly Taylor at a recent tasting event where he offered his Kelso beer alongside sage-flavored corn bread.

Of course, all is not roses and daisies. Let’s not forget, this is still a tough economy. Tom Long, president of MillerCoors, expects growth of craft beer to slow. Still, it should slow less rapidly than sales for wine and spirits. I suggest we discuss this news more in-depth over an $8 bottle of Samichlaus.

Image: scottamus

2 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN! Great beer more affordable than great wine

  1. A few months ago, I was at Hi-Time Wine Cellars to pick up a six-pack, and I saw a case of The Angel’s Share. Knowing it to be rare (but not seeing prices), I grabbed a bottle — expecting the $10-15 range for a 750ml.

    That turned out to be a $35 bottle of beer…

    That’s expensive enough I’ll need an occasion to drink it. I was going to use the birth of my second son, but that was in the summer (and it’s more of a nice fall/winter beverage).

    But I guess it’s all good, the aging time will do it well :-)

  2. Wow. I think the most I’ve ever paid for a beer was in the $15 range. For $35 that beer better come with a special edition DVD and a sweatshirt.

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