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This week’s brewing recap brought to you by Joel’s outsourced replacement


We’re going to try a little something new here at MNB. It’s called empowerment. Jeff, being the unwieldy CEO, isn’t too keen on the idea, but he doesn’t know how to delete blog posts. So here’s the drill. If you want to write something about MNB or your experience at MNB, shoot me an email. We’ll make it happen. This first installment in Monday Night Perspectives is brought to you by Colin Ake, the lovable but ultimately dimwitted regular. Colin decided to take on the persona of Joel’s new outsourced replacement, Mohindar.


This brewing recap, much like Joel’s former role with Monday Night Brewery’s operations side, has been outsourced. My name is Mohindar, and I spent all night cleaning stuff and doing Jeff’s beckoning. Brewing was wet. We tried our newest recipe – Acid Rain IPA (if any of you marketing types have a clever name for this, that’d be ideal). It should be a little more… acidic than our previous IPAs, with a touch of that one leaf that fell into the boiling wort.

Joel showed up tonight, but he mostly stood around looking useless, checking his iPhone. He mumbled something about “not being sick anymore” since he saw that poll on the website, but since I’m getting a paycheck, it’s TOO LATE, sucker. Little does Jonathan know, but Jeff is having me slowly overtake his duties as well. I’m currently reading two books: Being an Intemperate Asshole for Dummies, and How to Win Friends and Influence People. It is Jonathan’s unique combination of the two techniques that has brought some of the “feel” to Monday Night Brewery’s branding, but Jeff told me he thinks it will be REALLY easy to duplicate.

Most of our so-called “fans” stood in the garage and drank beer. Pansies. The real hardcore, come-almost-every-week guys, Colin and Nathan, stood outside in the rain and watched. Colin even washed something, being the swell guy that he is. Scott washed at least two things, which is obviously him just trying to win my job.

As a budding outsourced brewer that does simple tasks like Joel and Jonathan, I am humbled to be a part of Monday Night Brewery, no matter how little money I make. I hope one day to be trusted with the responsibility of manning the Monday Night Brewery call center. Soon, all you’ll have to deal with is the polite and kind Jeff, and won’t have to deal with the bumbling Jonathan. You already don’t have to deal with Joel.

Also, Jeff offered a $500 reward to whoever gets him to start using Twitter. If you read this and get Jeff on Twitter, I was a part of that and expect at LEAST half. Joel is finally on Twitter. We’ll see if he uses it.

I look forward to serving you some of our Acid Rain IPA sometime soon. Many blessings to you.


6 thoughts on “This week’s brewing recap brought to you by Joel’s outsourced replacement

  1. Travis, you’re also apparently sick of using apostrophes correctly. Yours is coming soon, my friend. Don’t think you’re off the hook.

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