Travis, listen up


Today’s Beer Haiku Daily has an important life lesson for Travis, who is dancing precariously close to another smackdown, like a little kid trying to prove he’s a man by touching a hot stove. He keeps leaving these little quip comments on our blog. In and out like a ninja, but not a cool ninja. More of a wimpy, annoying ninja that can’t brew beer without copying someone’s recipes (Lagunitas clone, anyone?). I reprint the haiku here without Captain Hops’ permission, in the hopes that he won’t sue us for everything we own:

Learning his lesson
He cut down on the smack talk
At the pub dart game

Travis, if you have trouble following any of this, feel free to send us an email. There’s still time to apologize to us. For those of you who have no idea what’s going on, it might be worth peeking into the archives. Or Travis’ archives.

3 thoughts on “Travis, listen up

  1. Dear Travis you failed
    Your Haiku is out of form
    Back to preschool you!

    Yes, the response is in the correct Haiku form =p

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