Troy invites us to his weekly rabbit/beer pairing


After making fun of Troy for being pretentious enough to talk about the virtues of pairing a Flemish sour with rabbit, he decided to make us eat crow rabbit. And eat rabbit we did. Troy served us up some tasty appetizers. I called it cheesy bread, but apparently it was a bit more complex. Something about Chimay cheeses.


We had 2 different Cantillons as our beers. The first was a lambic. The sour beer came into play when we were munching on some surprisingly delicious braised rabbit ? served over a bed of my famous mashed potatoes. What makes them famous? Heavy whipping cream. Lots of it.


Afterwards we played Settlers of Catan. It was my first time playing this true dork-fest of a game. Jeff was really good at it. If by “good at it” you mean “not able to build any settlements because of poor planning.” Cheers!


5 thoughts on “Troy invites us to his weekly rabbit/beer pairing

  1. Thanks, Jonathan.

    I’ll check my local farmers market.

    Maybe I’ll serve some braised rabbit to my mother-in-law…

    I’ll bet she’d freak!

  2. Settlers of Catan and Jonathan’s Famous Mashed Potatoes.

    Sounds like quite a night.

    Nothing like long long strategy games to overwork your brain and an entire carton of heavy whipping cream to overwork your heart.

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