It was Monday Night. Four regulars stood in front of three small glasses each. The trio of glasses were half-full of beer, colors ranging from a dark corn to a medium amber. The blind taste test had begun.

As we sampled the beer from each glass, Jeff stood by quietly, smiling like a little urchin. Our verdicts were the same. The first beer was the worst. The most watery, the least complex. The second beer was the most drinkable of the bunch. Good and smooth, but not great. The third beer was the most “sippable” beer. The darkest and most complex, it was definitely my personal favorite. So Jeff, what were we actually drinking?

Jeff’s words: “I’m an idiot. You guys are way awesome and sexy sexy.” And then he said something about the first beer being the only commercial beer of the bunch, one Brooklyn Brewery Pale Ale. Or IPA or something. The second beer was our own Swashschuckler turned bitter due to an awry grain addition. The third beer was the same Swashchuckler with the correct (but not yet final) recipe.

We rejoice!

P.S. Notice how Peter is wearing the same outfit that he wore a week ago. Does he shower?

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