Vehicle wrap: Round 2


Alright folks, we heard you. “Make the logo bigger.” It’s every brand’s dream to have feedback from their consumers saying “Make the logo bigger,” so we’re not complaining. Since we’re still in startup mode, this vehicle wrap is a relatively large investment for us, so we want to make sure to get it right. We’re also going to retool the back panel to make our logo more prominent, and put our website on the roof. But the big thing we need to figure out is the side of the vehicle. Here is the original, plus 3 alternates. We’d love your vote on your favorite, as well as any additional feedback you’ve got.

Sidenote: Option 3 was developed with the driver of our vehicle in mind, Gordon. He’s a fan of wizards, and like any craft beer loving man’s man, thought a pink unicorn might add a little “badass” to the car. True, there’s no Monday Night branding on the car per se, but maybe it’s worth it to give Gordon the chariot of his dreams.

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12 thoughts on “Vehicle wrap: Round 2

  1. I think will all KNOW that Option C is the real winner, but I voted for B just to mix things up a bit.

  2. Gotta go with option B. I love the MNB logo with the tie in the O, but I think the tagline is the real eye-catcher. When people see the big “Weekends are overrated” that will stir the intrigue.

  3. THE TIE!! It’s a winner!! Wait, that doesn’t make sense…oh, F it. You want peeps to know the company 1st & foremost — rock that Monday Night tie like you own it! The slogan is secondary to the lame/logo.

  4. Are you trying to promote the idea that weekends are overrated or are you trying to promote the name of your business?

  5. I would keep tweaking option B. i don’t think you should give an entire panel to “atlanta,ga”. I would center “atlanta, ga” under brewing and have those 3 lines span both doors instead of 1 door.

  6. I’m digging on A, but think the website or a QR code should be included…

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