We are speaking at the New Media Atlanta conference tomorrow


Even though we still haven’t found a suitable replacement for our chest freezer, and hence cannot brew any beer at the moment, time moves on.


Tomorrow I will be giving a short presentation at the New Media Atlanta conference, centered on the role of social media in business. I’ll be talking about beer, Mondays and… social media. If you heard our Ignite ATL presentation, it should be similar, but with a focus on how we’ve used social media to further our goals. It’s not too late to sign up.

If you haven’t heard the Ignite ATL presentation, we have it on good word that the official videos will be posted soon. We’ll be sure to post it once Colin gets his act together.

4 thoughts on “We are speaking at the New Media Atlanta conference tomorrow

  1. What size chest freezer you want? I have a 15 cubic foot one that I’ve been using for a kegerator. It already has a chamber built on top of it. I may can get a couple of pics together.

  2. Jonathan –

    I assure you that I’ll post the videos as steadily as you continue to brew on Monday nights. Which means that despite my promises, it may not be for another week or three.

    But in all seriousness, hopefully it’ll be sooner. Working on it.


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