We can’t brew tonight. Not with our new toy in the mail.


We’re not going to brew tonight. Here’s the deal. Our Sabco Brew Magic should get here late this week, and we’re pretty much ecstatic. Joel peed himself a little bit yesterday.

We can’t in good faith brew on our current system. With our new system in the mail, it would be like going on a date with Velma when you know that Daphne has a crush on you and will be traveling down to see you in the next few days. Unless you like Velma, then it’s the other way around, obviously.

At this point, getting the scotch ale and IPA recipes exactly right is the highest priority for us, and we’re holding off on that until we are able to brew on the Sabco. Apologies all around, but if all goes as planned we’ll be able to show off our new system next week.

3 thoughts on “We can’t brew tonight. Not with our new toy in the mail.

  1. I would say it’s more like banging your ex while your new girlfriend is on her way back into town. We just picked up some new equipment last week and couldn’t stand seeing the “ex” crying in the shadows of the new beast. So we pulled a high school move and pawned her off to a friend.

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