We embark on a journey of tastings


It’s amazing we haven’t done this sooner. I think we were waiting until we got some good base recipes down, but now that we feel we are there, it’s time to start being especially critical about our beers. Jeff has put together a pretty complicated spreadsheet to track our beers (believe it or not, it’s a step up from ProMash, which didn’t have all of the functionality Jeff wanted). One aspect of this spreadsheet is tasting notes.

Monday Night Brewery Meeting March 8, 2008

Saturday we sat down and took some pretty detailed notes on our last batch of Swashchuckler IPA and Weissguy Hefeweizen. The outcome? Some very specific recommendations for tweaks and paths forward. I can’t believe how helpful this was. Seriously. Helpful. It’s also nice to see Joel try to make up things to cover up his turrible palate.

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