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We won’t be brewing on Monday nights (for now), and why that’s a GOOD thing



THE BAD NEWS: We won’t be meeting on Monday nights until we launch.

THE GOOD NEWS: We are launching soon. And our decision to put off brewing is being made only because we are so close to launching. We have contracts in place, orders in, and for all intents and purposes we are operating as a business. Granted, a business without any revenues. But still, a business. And as a business, we have an obligation to the many other individuals and businesses that support us. The folks providing our insurance policy for starters, but also our investors, our distributors, and many others.

From the start it has been our goal to transition these Monday night events to area bars and restaurants, and that is still our current plan. We’re not quite sure what those new Monday nights will look like ? and will most likely be soliciting ideas and advice from you guys in the next few weeks. We recognize that the vibe might change. We’re hoping it changes in a natural, organic, and positive way. Allowing us (and you) to interact with more people.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on our progress. But just know that this is ultimately a GOOD thing. We’re so close.

Bonus points for anyone who can make the connection between this post and the picture.

8 thoughts on “We won’t be brewing on Monday nights (for now), and why that’s a GOOD thing

  1. Congrats! This is big news for you guys. Keep us updated on where to buy or find it on tap. The Trot Line is looking forward to grabbing a few.

  2. Congratulations! I have been keeping an eye on your progress for several years now and I am excited for you guys. I will be down in Atlanta in November and I hope to find some on the shelves or in a great brewpub. I hope to find it on my trip.


  3. Congrats guys! So happy that your launching is finally here. I hope that the many folks who did free taste tests (including yours truly) for…up to three years will respond by telling everyone they have ever met or will ever meet about MNB. Will you be distributing abroad? :)
    As for the Gob trivia, I would have to guess: “Yeah, but where did the blood on my lips come from?” As in…there will be blood if you don’t tell your friends about MNB?

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