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We would like a pirate ship limo, please


Does anyone have a spare $35K lying around? If so, have WE got an investment opportunity for YOU! A near-mint 1998 pirate ship limo.


Should you choose to purchase this fine automobile for us, we guarantee that we will put it to good use, peddling our Eye Patch Ale from here to Dead Man’s Bluff. Plus, we’ll let you drive it sometimes. $35K payment accepted in U.S. currency or gold doubloons.

Any takers? Please leave your credit card number in the comments.

7 thoughts on “We would like a pirate ship limo, please

  1. Dude, it says must sell immediately and has been on the market 220 days. I’d bet you could talk him down to 25 K.

    Plus it’s got almost 200k miles.

  2. However he does have this as a bargaining point:

    “The pirate ship was built on the chasis @ 10 years ago by a local pirate”

    This was built by a REAL pirate. Ask if it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity proving a real Ft. Lauterdale area pirate constructed the ship.

  3. It’s from Tampa, thus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Don’t put a curse on your beer by using Buccaneer products! I bet if you ask Arthur Blank nicely, he will pay you NOT to buy it!

  4. Homemade Kegerator?
    Homemade Fermentation Chamber??
    Homemade Pirate Ship Limo???

    Sounds like a good resume builder for the “Operations Guy”

  5. I think our gorgeous Hummer with a chauffeur in costume with a eye patch would be more desirable! ;)

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