We’re not weird, we swear


We had a good crowd last night as we brewed our second batch of pumpkin ale for the year. Shout-out to Wayne at Cigar City Brewing for some help with the recipe. This time we used less spices, fewer hops and also upped the caramel malts a smidge. We’re hoping for something similar to the last batch, but not quite as clove-ridden.

In between the brewing (shot of pumpkin beer above compliments of Jeanine) and the drinking, people inevitably start talking to each other. Stuff like, “So. How’d you hear about this?” or “How do you know these guys?” And increasingly the answer is, “I found them on the internet.” Which is inherently creepy, right?

We’ve heard numerous stories now from people who wanted to come… but at the same time didn’t want to come. I mean, we brew at a residence. And they don’t know us, just our internet presence. Fortunately, those same people bit the bullet and decided to come, and many have become regulars. There’s still that initial fear to overcome though. “Will these people harvest my organs? What if they’re not people at all, but vampires?” You know the drill.

Regardless, we would like to go on record as saying that we are actually fairly normal (except for Joel). We swear.

9 thoughts on “We’re not weird, we swear

  1. I don’t know the MNB crew at all, but it could be a dude with a sweet mullet. I mean aren’t mullets common in the south?…

  2. Marcus: You’re making a poor assumption about southern people. You see, they don’t all have mullets. That’s a really nasty thing to say about someone. They may be dental hygienically impaired (no teeth), educationally impaired (MNB) and without shoes (“My feets is my shoes”), but to say they are all mullet headed NASCAR incest monkey’s is totally out of line. Shame on you.

  3. Travis, it’s interesting that you, a “Northerner” would come over to our Southern blog and use incorrect grammar. The phrase “incest monkey’s” should actually be “incest monkeys.” There’s no apostrophe unless you are indicating possession. Which, of course, you are not.

    Because you are an idiot.

  4. Brave souls you are. Yet, giving souls. To allow strangers into your home to teach them the way. Truely an inspirational thing.
    By the way, I didn’t know there were houses in the south. I thought they were all on wheels.

  5. I don’t understand how you people think it’s okay to come into OUR house and start talking trash about where we live… I swear one of these days I’m going to hitch up the home to the pickup truck and hunt you guys down. Might have to get a second gun rack.

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