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We’re selling off some bourbon barrels

We’ve got a bunch of used bourbon barrels clogging up our barrel-aging rooms and need to make some space. Every single one of these Kentucky gems was used to age gold-medal-winning Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt as well. If you want one, you’ll need to pick it up during normal business hours Monday – Friday.

Purchase here for $125 each. Pick up at West Midtown location.

bourbon-barrel-1What kinds of things could you do with a used bourbon barrel? The possibilities are endless…

  • Make a nightstand
  • Fill with hot grease and roll it down hills at your enemies
  • Take selfies with it #barrelsofinsta
  • Cut in half and create two outdoor planters
  • Smell it
  • Purchase 10 and create bowling pins for giants
  • Paint a picture of Donald Trump on it and resell it on Etsy for like, a lot of money

5 thoughts on “We’re selling off some bourbon barrels

  1. Yes they are! Roughly 26″ wide by 36″ tall, but it varies depending on the barrel.

  2. Are these still for sale? Will they need to be cleaned out to be used as decor for an event?

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