Westvleteren tasting


westvleteren1.jpgNow, of the 6 Belgian Trappist monasteries in the world, we can cross Westvleteren off our list of beers to try. Of course, this doesn’t mean we won’t want to try it again.

Jeff’s friend brought him back a bottle of the Westvleteren 8 awhile back. And since there was such a hubbub a few weeks ago because of an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, we figured it was the perfect time to try it. Unfortunately, this was about 2 weeks ago, so I don’t remember the beer in excruciating detail.


I do remember that I was giddy as Jeff poured… It was very floral and fruity and had a kind of a caramel mouthfeel. It also had that distinctive Belgian yeast flavor ? but the good kind of yeast flavor.

6 thoughts on “Westvleteren tasting

  1. I am waiting for a Miller Lite tasting…what’s the matter? Are you afraid genetics are going to take over and you will like it? Your sister will start looking hot, you’ll trade your car in for an ’85 stang start looking for a lot in the local park…you know you’re afraid.

  2. Funny… I could have sworn Miller Lite was created in New York. Oh wait, it WAS! From Wikipedia: “Essentially the first mainstream light beer, Miller Lite has a colorful history. After its first inception as “Gablinger’s Diet Beer,” which was created by the Rheingold Brewery in New York in 1967.”

    Those crazy Yankees and their Diet beer… you should come down here and try a real beer sometime.

  3. New York is the Empire state, we export a lot. Note that culture, literature and the arts are all exported to the “not south” where Miller lite and Budweiser (brewed in upstate NY) are shipped to NASCAR tracks and dog fighting pits all over the south.

  4. Correction there are offically 7 trappist breweries: What is known as the original 6- Chimay, Westvleteren, Orval Rochefort, Westmalle and Achel from the Belgium, but let us not forget our Dutch brothers at Koningshoeven who have rejoined the group in the past 2 years. Sorry for my pretentious correction but then again would you expect anything else.

  5. Troy, point taken, though notice that I said 6 BELGIAN trappist breweries. I was not including other countries in the count.

  6. Dang it I didn’t read the fine print I will bring you guys a bottle of something tonight for my lack of being able to read closely.

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