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What should Monday Nights look like?


We need your help. We’ve entered the phase where we will be transitioning Monday Night events away from a random garage on the west side of town to bars and restaurants serving Monday Night beers, all over the Atlanta area (and eventually Georgia). This will allow us to meet more people in different parts of Atlanta, and give us a venue to provide beer for sale (which we cannot do out of a garage for obvious reasons). However, we haven’t yet put too much thought into what a post-garage Monday Night event should look like.

What would you be most excited about? Here are a few thought starters, but we really want your fresh thinking. Leave a comment, if you dare.

  • Meeting the owners (prediction: this will not be a winning suggestion)
  • Drink specials on Monday Night beers
  • Random schwag giveaways (we wouldn’t be able to give away stuff to everyone, though)
  • Games or trivia
  • Food options paired specifically for Monday Night beers
  • Bringing in interesting guests such as authors, scientists, or pirate experts

6 thoughts on “What should Monday Nights look like?

  1. My humble opinions…

    1) If I were to go to a MNB event, I would want one of the owners there and not a random marketing person. Your story of conception to market should be a point of pride. 3 guys that “did it”. I don’t want to hear this story from an attractive “marketing” woman in tight clothes. I’d rather hear her talk to me about me. Kidding. I’d rather… nevermind.

    2) Special food events would be cool. Especially with locally owned places like Muss and Turner’s and Local 3.

    Whatever you decide, good luck!

  2. 1. Drink specials
    2. Schwag
    3. Whichever of the options Jonathan would have fun going out and doing. People like people who are enjoying themselves, and their beer, too.

  3. I would say meeting the owners and drink specials. The fact that the three of you have accomplished this and are still down to earth and out there representing your product is huge. Good beer is a great community builder and lower prices on good beer is always a bonus.

    Good job, it’s awesome that the launch is so close. Keep up the good work.

  4. Definitely meeting the owners/brewers. It’s the personalities as much as the beers that make a successful brewery. Just don’t bring anything with cranberries, ‘kay ?? Hope to see you in the Democratic Republic of Decatur soon…

  5. Pirate experts? Expert PIRATES is what you want. Full on swashbuckling, arrrr-ing and grog. If you’re not armed, peg-legged or bearded you’re not allowed in. Monday night is Pirate Night. I’d definitely go at least once.

    Good luck with launching.

  6. I love the idea of surrounding MNB around topical speakers. Swag is cheap (to the receiver), but experiences like hearing a new perspective for the first time from a distinguished speaker can make a like long mark. There’s so much talent in ATL, it could be more than just speakers but also comedians, spoken word artist, and any other kind of performer. And I’m all about meeting and hearing from the owners!

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