What the heck is a craft beer cigar?


hopzA long time ago, I used to be into cigars. Then I discovered craft beer. And around the same time, I discovered that it’s hard to be into both cigars and craft beer. Putting aside the fact that it’s probably bad to have too many vices, it’s also really hard to discern and enjoy nuanced flavors in either cigars or beer when partaking of the other.

Fast forward to tonight. My brother sends me an ad for a craft beer cigar. Hmmmm. So what the heck is a craft beer cigar?

HOPZ is a cigar apparently seasoned with Centennial hops, and was created to pair with an IPA.

Color me skeptical… but interested. Anyone had one?

3 thoughts on “What the heck is a craft beer cigar?

  1. I picked up a couple but have yet to try one. Il let you know! They do not smell at all like hops which suprised me.

  2. Two were sent to me complimentary from a sales person w/ Ted’s Cigars recently. I’ve smoked both yesterday and tonight w/o drinking a beer. While the cigar is very “hoppy,” it’s spicy and tastes good w/o a beer. I don’t believe smoking a cigar while drinking a beer is a good combo but to each his/her own. My e-mail is faulty so don’t bother responding. Try it, you will enjoy. I promise! If you like alcohol-infused cigars (I DO!!!), Try the Maker’s Mark 650 offered by Teds Cigars..Otherwise my go-to in cigars is the Gurkha Royal Reserve (they only make 500 boxes a year) so your BEST AND CHEAPEST choice is order from www. strictlygurkha.com

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