What to expect on Saturday


Our first Brewhaha is right around the corner. We’ve had a lot of interest in said Brewhaha, and many people are wondering what to expect and how it will all work. For those of you who are antsy in your pantsies, here are a few more details:

  • Everyone gets a free MNB pint glass
  • People can expect to have a taste of each beer, amounting to 2-3 beers total (in other words, this shan’t be a kegger, but a tasting)
  • We will be soliciting feedback on al of our beers to (hopefully) improve them
  • We will also be asking for more generic feedback on which of our beers are best, our branding, etc.
  • The festivities start at 7pm
  • There will be three stations throughout the house, each with a different beer and food
  • The beer/food pairings will be as follows
    • Hefeweizen: paired with fresh fruit and ginger snap cookies
    • IPA: paired with Will’s famous smoked brisket and Andy’s soon-to-be-famous chocolate chipotle rub
    • Stout: paired with beer bread and chocolate sheet cake

All that to say, this is going to be pretty much amazing. Hope to see you there.

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