“You’re my favorite mistaa-aake”


A few nights ago I was having myself a homebrew and throwing myself some darts (side note: everyone who drinks beer should have a dart board in the house). I was drinking the January 8 version of our IPA, which happened to be the same version that we [Jeff] messed up by adding the wrong grains.

Long story short, the beer was tasty, but not an IPA. More of a bitter. It was so tasty, in fact, that we ended up tweaking the recipe to turn it into a genuine bitter which we brewed last week. (We still don’t have a name).

All that to say, does anyone else have a brewing- or life-related success story that “rose out of the drudges of a cockeyed IPA” (so to speak)? As with any new endeavor, our brewing is bound to encounter more slip-ups and, er, learning opportunities. Any other favorite mistakes out there?

3 thoughts on ““You’re my favorite mistaa-aake”

  1. I think it’s historically appropriate that you tried to master India, but just ended up with a bunch of bitter English.

  2. I like how you made everyone think you’re a decent thrower by placing a dart in the bullseye. Nice try but you’re still down 2 games.

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