Monday Night Brewing is an Atlanta-based craft brewery. We brew beers for the weeknights – balanced, flavorful ales that pair well with food.

Believe it or not, the idea for Monday Night Brewing grew out of a small Atlanta Bible study. We started brewing beer together on Monday nights as a way to get to know each other better. As we got more engrained in the industry and more people started showing up to brew with us, beer quickly became more than just a weeknight hobby.

We spent almost 5 years perfecting our Eye Patch Ale and Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale before bringing them to market. Years of minor tweaks, arguments over hop profiles, and experiments with different brands of base malts are poured into every glass that we brew. In the summer of 2012 we launched our 3rd offering, Fu Manbrew, which won Bronze in the US Beer Open in its first month.

Weekends are overrated

Our weeknight brewing sessions have also lent us our name and our rallying cry: Weekends are overrated. What does this mean to us?

  • It’s not about living for the weekend, but about enjoying every day as much as you can – we believe in doing what you love with your career, even if it means taking home a smaller paycheck.
  • Quality, not quantity – it’s our goal to brew beers that are both interesting and accessible. Beers that should be savored, not guzzled. After all, you’ve got work the next day, right?
  • Relationships – beers that go great with meals but are also complex enough to stand on their own if you’re grabbing a beer with a friend. Beer, at its core, is a relational beverage.

The gang

Who exactly is behind Monday Night Brewing? A bunch of random folks who just so happen to get along.

Jeff Heck, CEO Guy and Supreme Beer Chancellor email
Jeff graduated from Harvard, a fact he never fails to remind us of when trying to win an argument. But more importantly, he has an anal-retentive passion for perfection. Jeff is the final say in recipe formulation and anything related to Excel spreadsheets and/or dollar signs. He has a background in private equity. His wife, Hannah, has put up with our brewing shenanigans at their house for long enough to qualify her for sainthood.


Joel Iverson, Operations Guy and Taste-testing Ninja email
Joel is the guy we turn to when something is broken. He built our pilot brewing system. He is also pretty good at cleaning a keg. Joel likes to invent random Standard Operating Procedures (“SOP’s” as he calls them) and then enforce them after the fact. He graduated from UVA and has a background as an operations consultant. His wife, Mary Stuart, has already qualified for sainthood, as she hosted Monday Night Brewing in her house for the first year of its existence.


Jonathan Baker, Marketing Guy and Master of Mind Control emailjonathan
Jonathan is the surprisingly adept creative guy. He develops and maintains the Monday Night brand. Jonathan also makes sure Joel doesn’t scare away any potential customers with his SOPs. He graduated from Emory and has a background in marketing strategy consulting, where we worked with some large beer brands. He is married to Saint Sarah, who is allowing him to quit his day job to pursue his passions.


Adam Bishop, Head Brewer Guy and Yeast Whisperer doesn’t like email
Adam Bishop sings the songs of the bubbling yeast. His circuitous route in the brewing industry started at Sweetwater, Atlanta’s hometown brewery, and then progressed to 5 Seasons. Prior to joining Monday Night, Adam spent that last few years at Sante Fe Brewing overseeing production. One thing you need to know about Adam is that he has strong opinions about yeast. Some yeast like the lilting sounds of Bryan Adams. Some like a little peace-and-quiet. The bottom line is, yeast need wooing, and Adam is the chief wooer at Monday Night. He’s also good at cleaning stuff. Adam has a saintly wife and a loud baby, and he loves them both very much.


Rachel Kenser, Sales Gal and Professional High-Fiver email
Rachel Kenser heads up sales for Monday Night, and does a darn good job at it. Her primary strengths are drinking beer, talking about beer, becoming friends with cool people, and pretending to be friends with lame people. She’s also got a mean high five. Seriously. Ask her about it. Rachel got her start in the beer industry in Chicago, where she graduated from the University of Chicago. Prior to discovering her true calling, she worked on an organic urban farm, where she taught folks about farming and vegetables, and (obviously) grew vegetables. Oh, and did we mention that she lived in Africa for two years?


carlen-funk-monday-nightCarlen Funk, Tasting Room Gal and Amateur Pirate email
Carlen likes throwing parties. Specifically, beer parties. That makes her a perfect fit to run our tasting room, whether that be for our public tastings, or for private events. She likes people, unlike Jonathan, which is a definite plus. Carlen is from Atlanta, went to UGA, and worked in TV production prior to beer. TV production is that thing where you have to herd cats, throw mini parties all the time, and boss people around so that everyone ends up having a good time at the end. Carlen likes sour beers, but she also likes to smile a lot. Kind of an oxymoron, actually.