Core Beliefs

We are a company made up of a diverse set of people with a diverse set of beliefs, and we celebrate that. We are a company founded on our purpose statement, “deepening relationships over some of the best beer in the country.” This means tearing down walls between people (through beer, in our case), not building up walls.

First, we acknowledge that we aren’t there yet

Living out your beliefs is a daily journey, not a destination that you get to one day. We are still a small start-up brewery, with the majority of our energy and revenues going back into building a business that can sustain itself (queue the world’s tiniest violin). We know there is much more we can and should do as a company. We also know we can’t do it all ourselves, so we believe in partnering with organizations in and around our city already doing good, healing work. With that as a preamble, here are our core beliefs:

Atlanta, GA SKyline
We believe in the beauty of diversity

We believe in loving people for who they are. America was founded as a country of immigrants, and part of what makes this country so great is the belief that all people, regardless, of color, creed, gender, wealth, or sexual identity, should have the same rights and be treated as equals. We also believe that we as a country have a long way to go, but that diversity is worth fighting for.

We believe that the craft brewing industry is particularly lacking in diversity. We work in an industry that skews overwhelmingly white male, and that is something that we need to acknowledge and own in order to move towards a place of more diversity and inclusion.

We believe in the power of cities

We believe the city as an institution has the potential to promote learning, build community, and define culture by putting people from diverse backgrounds in close proximity to each other. There is healing in the friction.

We believe in local politics. Change happens first at the local level, and our social efforts will be focused locally.

We believe in the importance of second chances

We believe that no one is perfect, including us. People can change. All of us have made mistakes at some point in our lives. Heck, we admitted to mistakes in this article. Errors are inevitable, and we believe in never writing someone off.

We believe in the healing of forgiveness. This means approaching tough situations with humility, always leaving room for dialogue, never making assumptions about people, and asking plenty of questions.

These are admittedly lofty goals, particularly for a small business still trying to find its way in the industry. We know we will stumble along the way.

We recognize that we still have blind spots. We ask that if you see us do something inconsistent with these beliefs, you respectfully call us out on it so that we can do better. We also ask that if you see opportunities for us to further our work in these areas, let us know. We won’t be able to do everything, but we will be able to do some things.

We want to make some of the best beer in the country, but we also want to make our country a little better along the way.