Monday Night Brewing (Atlanta, GA) is seeking part-time beertenders to join our small team and operate the bar for public hours and private events in our tasting rooms. This is a part-time position, 10-20 hrs per week to start, with opportunity for full-time employment.

You will be responsible for providing bar service in one of our tasting rooms, including contributing to the guest experience, being enthusiastic and knowledgeable about our beers, ensuring compliance with alcohol laws, and helping with the setup and cleanup of the tasting room for each shift.


Senior Taproom Manager


  • Must love people. And craft beer. Not necessarily in that order.
  • Must have a willingness and enthusiasm to learn about beer, and share that knowledge with others
  • Must be a team player
  • Must proactively look for ways to increase people’s positive experience with the brewery, the beer, and the brand
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills,  and be hospitality-minded
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule, primarily evenings and weekends
  • Must have a willingness and ability to step in wherever needed – this could include bartending, cleaning toilets, bussing glassware, washing glassware, etc.
  • Must be physically able to move kegs
  • Prior experience in restaurant industry or other service industry strongly preferred


  • Working 3-4 shifts per week, with the following hours being the starting expectation:

    • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:30-9:30pm
    • Saturday from 11:30am-4:30pm
  • Contributing to the overall guest experience, from entering the brewery till leaving
  • Serving guests beer through a draft system, as well as selling brewery merchandise, and packaged beer
  • Using a Point of Sale System and Cash Drawer to ring up cash and credit transactions, as well as managing open bar tabs
  • Politely but firmly enforcing tasting room and brewery rules and regulations
  • Ensuring that tasting room and grounds, including parking lot, are properly cleaned and prepped before and after each shift
  • Working closely with Tasting Room Director and Taproom Managers and helping wherever needed
  • Bartending when the tasting room is open to the public and (occasionally) during private events
  • Promoting the taproom and working to increase the experience and number of people attending over time
  • Understanding and abiding by federal, state, and local regulations
  • Tentative start date of Monday September 4, 2017


Hourly plus tips

Monday Night Brewing is a craft beer company founded in 2011 based in Atlanta, GA. Our slogan, “weekends are overrated,” embodies all that we do. We brew balanced, flavorful beers for weeknight consumption and believe in making the best out of each day. Even weekdays.

Please email resume with cover letter to Cover letter should include why you would like to join our team and why you are the ideal candidate. Warning: we do read cover letters, and we are really good at spelling.

Starting in September, Georgia beer laws take a big step forward, joining the rest of the country (literally every other state) in allowing direct sales to consumers. Practically, this means that you will be able to visit a brewery and buy a pint of beer. You can buy one pint, or you can buy many pints. You can also buy up to a case of beer to take home with you.

We will no longer be constrained by the tour system, so say goodbye to the take-home pint glasses and ticket systems. This gives us a lot more flexibility. We will be open longer hours and will have multiple size options for many of our beers available for purchase.

Our hope is that the longer hours will also help cut down on lines and create more of a “hangout” vibe. Swing by for a beer on your drive home without worrying about whether you’ll be able to use up all your tickets before we close. Or even better, work/study at the brewery. Bring a book, bring your computer, jump on our wifi… all while sipping on a delicious small batch beer. To that end, we will be adding more seating and tables. So… starting September 2, here are our new hours.

New Hours

Monday – 4pm-9pm
Tuesday – 4pm-9pm
Wednesday – CLOSED (longer hours coming 2018)
Thursday – 4pm-9pm
Friday – CLOSED (longer hours coming 2018)
Saturday – 12pm-4pm (longer hours coming 2018)
Sunday – CLOSED (longer hours coming 2018)

More Options

Pricing will vary by beer, but in general expect:

  • $2.50-3.00 8oz core and small batch beers
  • $4.50-5.50 16oz core and small batch beers
  • $4+ specialty 8oz beers
  • $10 flights (4 4oz beers)

We’ll be open longer hours at the Garage once it opens up. If you haven’t been to Monday Night in awhile, make sure to come back in September and check out the new vibe and new options!

Monday Night Brewing (Atlanta, GA) is seeking Events Specialists join our incredibly good-looking team. This is a part-time, hourly pay position with opportunity for commission on merchandise sold. Read on for job description and details.

Reports to:

Designated Market Manager


  • Must love craft beer
  • Must have strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Must be able to commit to a flexible schedule, primarily weekends and evenings
  • Must have reliable transportation and clean driving record
  • Must have a reliable communication device and ability to check it regularly
  • Must have a willingness and ability to step in wherever needed
  • Must be physically able to lift & move festival materials (kegs within reason)
  • Must be 21+ and a responsible drinker
  • Must be a self-starter with excellent task/time management skills
  • Must be able to stand/socialize 4-8 hours continuously


  • Representing the brand and brewery at beer festivals, pint nights, etc. during night/weekend events
  • Coordinating all new event and festival propositions with Market Managers
  • Setting up and breaking down events
  • Engaging Monday Night Brewing customers by sharing the Monday Night Brewing story and product details
  • Being an expert resource for consumers on Monday Night brands when working festivals and event
  • Training and overseeing beer festival volunteers
  • Interacting with retail and distributor customers

Optional, but not required:

  1. Dope hat collection
  2. Love of monster movies


$10/hr plus 20% commission on merchandise sold at events

Monday Night Brewing is a craft beer company founded in 2011 based in Atlanta, GA. Our slogan, “weekends are overrated,” embodies all that we do. We brew balanced, flavorful beers for weeknight consumption and believe in making the best out of each day. Even weekdays. Read more about us on this website (duh). Please email resume with cover letter  to Cover letter should include why you would like to join our team and why you are the ideal candidate. Seriously, we read cover letters. And we’re really good at spelling.

The Monday Night Brewing Westside 10 is back! Saturday, December 9th, 2017 our friends, the Runningnerds, are organizing our annual race around the Westside of Atlanta. The finish line is our brewery, and we’ll be waiting for you there. Registration opens August 1st and has 800 spots available. This race has historically sold out, so don’t wait too long to sign-up!

The Westside 10 2017 Race Details

  • 10K/10Mile options
  • December 9th, 2017
  • 8:00AM – 11:00AM
  • A hilly & challenging course through Atlanta’s Westside business and residential district



With the opening of our 2nd production facility this fall, we decided it was time we took a look at our entire portfolio to see how the beers coming out of the Garage will fit in. After weighing many different options, we have some pretty exciting changes to announce, including two new core beers, a complete overhaul of our packaging, and a bold new look. These new beers (and new cans) should start rolling out in late September!

New Beers

Two new beers will round out an already solid core lineup. We have never released a pale ale, so it took us awhile to brew one worthy of the Monday Night name. Han Brolo is that pale ale. It is hazy and crushable, brewed with tons of wheat malt and Simcoe, Mosaic, and Mandarina Bavaria hops to give it a nice, juicy bite.

And for our next trick… Dr. Robot. Dr. Robot is a blackberry lemon sour, brewed on a pilsner base and then soured. This is one tart, refreshing beer, and the blackberry and lemon additions add complexity and flavor. These two beers will take the spots of Eye Patch Ale and Nerd Alert.

New Packaging

We’re moving all core beers, seasonal beers, and Black Tie beers to 12oz cans. Core and seasonal offerings will be in 6-packs. Black Tie beers, such as Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt, will come in 4-packs. Boom. You’re welcome.

New Look

We have had the same packaging for almost 6 years now, and while it has served us well, it hasn’t been as versatile as we’d like, given the current craft beer environment. After an extensive design process involving hundreds of designs, consumer testing, and a bunch of whining, we’ve landed on something we’re amped up about.

The new packaging will accentuate the necktie, which has always been a core part of who we are. The necktie symbolizes our journey from white collar to blue collar, where we realized it’s more important to love what you do than to be paid well for something you don’t enjoy. We will also use a predominantly white background with bold colors and patterns to distinguish individual beers. This new direction keeps our core identity, but allows us to be a bit more free and playful with new designs and beers moving forward.

We can’t wait to get these new cans into your grubby, beer-loving hands.

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our $100K in 100 Days initiative. To summarize:

We have set a goal to help organizations doing good work in our neighborhood, City, and State raise $100,000 in the first 100 days of operation at our new barrel-aging and souring facility, The Garage, set to open in September.

The application process has officially closed, but we have started scheduling events for some wonderful non-profits. We wanted to share the good work of these 19 organizations (and counting) that we will be donating our space, and beer, and time to. Click on an image to be taken to the organization’s website, or scroll down to read more on each organization. We’re looking forward to working with even more organizations in the coming months, so stay tuned!


The Organizations (So Far)

The Work

  • The Shirlock Foundation is focused on helping families of college students battling cancer with the financial burden incurred. The foundations name honors Georgia Tech Student, Jonathan Shirlock, who was lost to Leukemia in 2006. Jonathan’s passing motivated his friends to start a fund for students in similar situations “so that something good could result from the sorrow of his loss”.
  • Bearings Bike Shop provides the youth in West Atlanta with a safe and positive environment to thrive in. Teaching our kids how to fix, and maintain bikes allows them to learn a trade, while building character that will help them be successful.
  • In 2014, the CDC reported that 58.9% of youth in Georgia do not have access to exercise equipment. Urban Perform strives to provide a pathway to a healthy lifestyle for those who don’t have the funds or access to a gym. They provide free access to children under 18, and a very low fee to others attempting to allow all people the chance to work out.
  • BeLoved has decided to confront the human trafficking problem in Atlanta head-on. BeLoved Atlanta provides a two-year recovery program for women to escape sexual exploitation and rebuild their lives.
  • Good Sam gives low income families high quality health care for affordable prices. General medical care, dental, mental health, social services, and health education are all available to affected Atlanta residents.
  • The Midtown Assistance Center is focused on helping our local community in crisis. Providing a food pantry, transportation, even Georgia ID cards for employment are among the many services that the Midtown Assistance Center provides to help people get back on their feet.
  • With a focus on the Pittsburg and Adair Park neighborhoods, BluePrint58 wants to foster a healthy community by mentoring at local schools, and promoting healthy living.
  • Headquartered here in Atlanta, The American Cancer Society assists those affected by cancer, The society educates, funds research, and provide support to those not only in Atlanta, but also around the world.
  • The Urban Arts Alliance is focused on blending the art and culture of the East Point area, with businesses to benefit the local community.
  • Since 2003, The Atlanta Police Foundation works to fund high priority projects that enhance the City of Atlanta’s ability to fight and prevent crime. This organization supports the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and the Atlanta Police Department helping the city stay safe as it continues to grow.
  • WeCycle is a non-profit bike shop in Atlanta that provides learning opportunities to maintain bicycles as well promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Susan G. Komen is helping those affected by breast cancer. Providing breast cancer services at home for those who cannot afford treatment, as well as funding research to find cures, the Susan G. Komen organization is making a difference in Atlanta.
  • Paint Love offers free “transformational art workshops” that focus on people affected by poverty and trauma. Artists work to promote self-esteem, acceptance, and emotional healing throughout the Atlanta area.
  • The Southern Center for Human Rights is an advocate for equality, justice, and dignity in the criminal justice system, specifically in the Southern United States. Focused on representing people of color, the poor, and other marginalized groups, SCHR’s mission is to end mass incarceration, capital punishment, and other criminal justice practices.
  • In an attempt to stabilize Southwest Atlanta, Committed To Communities works to renovate and showcase Atlanta neighborhoods. They also strive to educate the community on the benefits of being a homeowner.
  • PAWkids is focused on helping parents in the Grove Park area, raise their kids with a strong sense of community and spirituality. They help their neighborhood by supporting families and leaving an “imprint” on their youth.
  • The Christmas season is a sensitive time of the year for families in need. Since 1972, The Empty Stocking Fund helps keep the Christmas spirit alive by providing gifts for underprivileged children in the Atlanta area.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta works to save and change the lives of children and teens, especially those who need us most, by providing a safe, positive, and engaging environment and programs that prepare and inspire them to achieve Great Futures.

Monday Night Brewing (Atlanta, GA) is seeking a Private Events Manager to join our small team and assist in private event sales, administration, and management. This is a full-time position. Apply online here.

Reports to:

  • Tasting Room Director


  • Must be a team player
  • Must be highly energetic and thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • Must have strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Must have strong management and leadership skills
  • Must have a high sense of urgency
  • Must have strong organizational skills

High-Level Goals

  • Create welcoming, fun, safe environment for all patrons
  • Manage private events at both Monday Night Brewing facilities
  • Develop and execute community programming at both tasting rooms, with particular focus on The Garage
  • Host and entertain retail and distributor accounts at all tasting rooms
  • Be the face of Monday Night Brewing in neighborhoods and community around The Garage
  • Assist in private event sales and administration
  • Ensure all local, state, and federal laws are followed in public tasting rooms at all times


  1. Handle administrative tasks for Private Events, including but not limited to writing contracts, following up with clients on outstanding and overdue balances, scheduling site visits, ordering custom pint glasses, etc.
  2. Manage public and private tasting room shifts as needed, likely in the evenings and on weekends
  3. Make as-needed presentations to management on unique event programming and ideas to bring more patrons in and keep them here longer
  4. Work with Tasting Room Director to manage budget and P&L for unique programming and non-profit events
  5. Coordinate and communicate all logistics of programming with Tasting Room Director and Tasting Room Manager
  6. Coordinate with Sales Team to host, entertain, and tour retail and distributor partners in tasting rooms
  7. Administrate inbound leads for large groups during public tours
  8. Report any potential maintenance issues to Tasting Room Director, including cleaning, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, furniture, décor, and equipment issues
  9. Assist Tasting Room Director in miscellaneous tasks as needed

Marketing and Outreach

  1. Attend neighborhood meetings, festivals, and gatherings
  2. Actively work to engage with neighborhoods and provide programming that not only brings in revenue but creates community
  3. Develop, execute, and track unique event programming opportunities during off- or non-peak hours in public tasting room that bring in revenue, engage the community, and/or build the brand
  4. Coordinate non-profit events in tasting rooms

Direct Reports

  • Beertenders (only when on duty)

Success Metrics

  • Attendance and revenue generated from special programming
  • Drive private event sales and corresponding revenue
  • Positive reviews on Google and Yelp
  • Positive growth in annual Brand Equity Survey

Apply online here or see application below.