A Tribute to Scotch Trooper

A long time ago, in a brewery far, far away…(ahem 2019 at Monday Night Garage), our intrepid brewers crafted an Imperial Milk Stout and locked it away in a fortress of maple bourbon barrels for two years.

Our comrades at ASW Distillery sought to join forces in 2021, supplying freshly emptied Single Malt Barrels, and a fortuitous alliance was made to thwart the sweetness of the maple. After serving an additional year in ASW barrels, which formerly contained a whiskey made from Speyside Malt, we finished the beer with toasted and raw coconut, accentuating the malty, vanilla notes brought forth from the barrels.

Dubbed Scotch Trooper, this Double Barrel-Aged Imperial Milk Stout with Coconut is a tribute to the late Brett Ferencz. Using the moniker @scotchtrooper on Instagram, he brought whimsy to whiskey. He inspired thousands with his Storm Trooper tableaus–a true keeper of the Force, and a friend dearly missed by all. We raise our glasses to him.

Find Scotch Trooper on draft in our Atlanta taprooms starting May 4. And…May the Fourth be with you.